Custody Communications

Custody Communications provides online access to custody and settlement information for assets held with Standard Bank.

The Custody Communications module allows you to issue instructions electronically on:

  • trade settlement
  • equities, bonds, money market instruments and American Depository Receipt (ADR) transaction instruments
  • corporate action elections
  • investment administration, a locally based product that manages and administers the information needs of institutional funds, providing full assessment of its investments in all areas. The service includes investment and general ledger accounting, compliance monitoring and performance measurement reporting

You can also:

  • view your holdings position (current and month end)
  • monitor the status of any unsettled positions (including 'pending reason detail' and status on STRATE)
  • view all settled positions
  • view corporate action notification detail (current and historical)
  • monitor eligibility positions
  • view payment updates, cash and stock
  • view month end billing details
  • track any queries in the system
  • access the latest contact details of our trade specialists and management team

All instructions are instantly acknowledged, allowing for effective management processes.

The Custody Communications module makes use of straight through processing to ensure data is processed quickly and accurately.