Host to Host

Host to Host is an automated, two-way data transfer service for high volume online banking usage. The service gives you direct access to Business Online from various business applications, 24 hours a day.

Host to Host allows for:

  • automated payments and collections for pre-loaded or ad hoc creditors and debtors
  • high volume, high speed data transfers, with leased-line connectivity
  • integration of data into SAP, Oracle, BAAN, JD Edwards and other systems
  • automated, round the clock transfer of statement details
  • highlighting unpaids (up to eight digits)
  • seamless integration into your business
  • multiple functionality with the same system specifications
  • savings on cheque duty, service fees, labour and time
  • transactions to multiple banks off one system
  • improved control of business affairs
  • cost-effective banking conducted directly from your business premises, even outside normal banking hours
  • guaranteed security and confidentiality.

On-site training is provided for all new users, either on a one-on-one basis, or in small groups.


How to access Host to Host

Host to Host requires a leased line and installation of Standard Bank's licensed software, CONNECT: Direct. Your Business Online consultant will evaluate your mainframe systems for suitability before installing the software.

For more information on Host to Host, call 0860 121 195.