Domestic Treasury

Business Onlineā€™s Domestic Treasury module gives you access to the call and term deposit and loan accounts in your domestic treasury portfolio, allowing you to:

  • make deposits and withdrawals electronically on your call deposit accounts
  • retrieve up-to-date statement information 24 hours a day
  • check balance enquiries
  • view call and term deposits
  • view call and term loans
  • access interest details

Online historical information is available going back 65 business days.

Features and benefits:

  • Your banking can be conducted directly from your premises, even after normal banking hours
  • The service is user friendly and cost effective
  • Fewer calls to dealers
  • Quicker account reconciliation and improved account management
  • Guaranteed security and confidentiality
  • Easy transfer of funds between accounts

How to access Domestic Treasury

To activate the Domestic Treasury feature on your Business Online profile, call us on 0860 121 192.