Non-authenticated early debit order (NAEDO)

Standard Bank’s Non-Authenticated Early Debit Order system (NAEDO) is a debit order collection system that allows you to process your debits closer to the bulk salary payment window, thereby improving the likelihood of successful collections.

Latest Enhancements to NAEDO

Business Rules

Additional checks have been built into the system to ensure that only unique NAEDO codes are assigned to new NAEDO users. This will help to avoid duplications, which can cause system errors.

Bank Statement Narrative

To facilitate reconciliations, Business Online statements reflect collections that are processed through NAEDO. “BOL NAEDO Credit” is reflected in the narrative section on Business Online statements. The statement reference includes the NAEDO code, the batch ID, the action date and the transaction ID.


Before the enhancement, the NAEDO system was not accurately billing for every tracking event, effectively under-billing for tracking transactions. The enhancement to Business Online will help to correct this billing error.



You are now able to display or print the NAEDO response report, recall report and disputed transactions on Business Online:

  • The response report provides an indication of the date and status of batch NAEDO transactions.
  • The recall response file shows the status of transactions that have been recalled by clients.
  • Disputed transactions can now be reviewed at transactional and batch level.

Features and benefits

You control your collections

Future-dated collections may take place earlier in the day, thereby giving you improved control over your risk management.

By using NAEDO, your business will benefit in the following ways:

  • Improved collection rates

Your collection rates will improve, particularly in lower income segments where the risk of payments being declined due to insufficient funds is higher. NAEDO also allows you to monitor debtor accounts proactively for up to 32 days and make collections as soon as funds become available.

  • Speed and efficiency

The collection is only processed when there are sufficient funds in the account.

  • Better reconciliation

Collections are traceable back to the client, allowing for quick and easy reconciliation.

  • Auditability

Activity is tracked via audit trails and response files, and NAEDO reports serve as proof of collection.

Payment instructions are not processed against accounts with insufficient funds, preventing possible unpaid fees being charged to your customers.

An account verification option is available, allowing you to check the validity of accounts before attempting to collect funds from them.

The NAEDO service is available as an add-on via Business Online and the SBSA Host to Host solution. NAEDO is simple and cost efficient to initiate.