Receipt Reference Service

Receipt Reference Service allows you to customise the information that appears on your deposit slips and bank statements. This provides tellers with the correct information for capturing when deposits are made into your account at a Standard Bank branch. It also facilitates easy identification of the source of credit transactions into your accounts. It is commonly used for large third-party collectors as well as retailers. The service was created due to the large volume of debtors that were paying funds into their creditor’s bank account and the creditor was unable to reconcile their banking account due to insufficient information.

Features and benefits:

  • Meaningful information appears on your bank statements
  • Facilitates easy identification of the source of deposit
  • Allows for more efficient account-reconciliation
  • Statements are delivered electronically
  • Deposit slips can incorporate your company logo if required
  • Deposits may be made at any Standard Bank branch, even in areas where your company does not operate

How to access the Receipt Reference Service

Ask your Business Online consultant to provide you with a deposit slip template and other relevant details.