eFiling is a secure channel for submitting tax returns and payments to the South African Revenue Service (SARS) electronically. By registering for eFiling through Business Online, you can pay SARS directly via the Internet, at your convenience, with the payment deadline extended until the 30th day of each month.

Features and benefits:

  • eFiling gives you a secure and direct link to SARS, making tax submissions and payments quick and hassle-free
  • eFiling eliminates the risks and delays associated with manual tax returns
  • The service offers a web-based facility to capture individual and multiple returns through back-end interfaces
  • eFiling is a cost-effective option – registering and submitting tax returns to SARS online is free, while your automated payment through Business Online helps you to avoid interest charges and late payment penalties. (Once you have registered and completed a return online with SARS, a payment instruction is automatically set up on your Business Online system)
  • Whenever you make a tax payment electronically, Business Online automatically sends a reconciliation report to SARS. With matching payment and confirmation details, you have proof of payment and peace of mind
  • Once you’ve registered online, SARS will communicate with you electronically, via email or SMS, rather than by post
  • You can register additional users and organisations, assign access rights, change your personal details and view all your historical electronic tax payments – online, anytime, anywhere

How to access eFiling

eFiling runs off a standard Windows operating system with an Internet connection.
Your Business Online consultant will evaluate your mainframe systems and advise on their suitability.

To log onto the SARS efiling website please click here.