Third Party Fund Administration

Third Party Fund Administration offering is an electronic investment and transactional solution which allows third-party fund administrators such as Attorneys, Asset Managers, Estate Administrators, Liquidators, Property Managers, Fund Administrators, Chartered Accountants, Estate Agents, Auditors or any other institution or business considered to be a Financially Accountable Institution (referred to as agents) to manage funds on behalf of their clients.

Third Party Fund Administration provides a platform for you to perform the following activities on behalf of your customers:

  • Quick, efficient opening and closing of accounts electronically – conveniently in your office.
  • Electronic access to balances and statements.
  • Electronic payment facilities directly from the individual accounts.
  • Interest rate is calculated on the full balances on all TPFA accounts.
  • TPFA allows the automatic recovery of monthly admin fees.
  • Various reports can be drawn off the TPFA system, for example, closing reports and admin fee reports.
  • VAT invoices are available on the system.
  • Electronic Property Guarantee facility is available to Attorneys.

Other Features of the TPFA system:

  • Secure internet-based system.
  • TPFA styled accounts are blocked from debit orders and cheque withdrawals.
  • Third party clients are unable to access their accounts. 
  • Separate operator IDs and password control.
  • Each operator uses a separate security token.
  • 128-bit encryption ensures safe transmission of data.
  • Data logs are available to clients on all activity on the system.
  • Segregation of duties enabling administrators to set various levels of authority for individual users.
  • Account numbers assigned to you enabling you to open accounts without having to visit your branch.

On-site training is provided for all new users, either on a one-on-one basis, or in small groups.

How to access Third Party Fund Administration

Contact us to help you determine the exact requirements for your business and create the necessary profiles.